We deliver what we offer

Entire Route Penetration

Buses go everywhere where people go. We cater to all income levels– providing entire route penetration which cannot be reached through traditional media. Buses go all around MP covering peripheral rural regions, schools, colleges, business areas, cinemas, stores, theaters and custom nearby areas. It is a gateway to a spontaneous medium to advertise which cannot be turned off, tuned out or thrown away.

Unbeatable Reach

Buses move on a regular basis through scheduled routes. These routes include commercial area, industrial area, large and small shopping malls and entertainment centers. You are not only catering riders/travelers with these moving announcements but you are also achieving individuals, families, elders, youngsters and sightseer’sattention with these vehicles discovering their way across MP.

Consumers Ready to Buy

All routes begin and end at the commercial and retail section reaching consumers from Madhya pradesh when they are ready to buy by showing repetitive exposure day after day, month after month. One can acquire the bus infrastructure minimum for a month, by showcasing gigantic design of their product or service. You can attract your target audience which will ultimately work for your sales numbers.

Welcome to our site

Buslicity is the pioneer company which exclusively provides bus advertisement using bus infrastructure at the local level, covering almost each district of Madhya Pradesh. Buslicity is a medium which connects our clients to their desired target audience and help to showcase new products, seasonal offers, special services, general branding and various schemes. We provide our clients a platform to put them in the eyes of their customer and help them remember their Brand/Product name. The major strength of our company entails a healthy relationship with the bus owners wherein the network of their buses reach across Madhya Pradesh.

Vision and Mission

Mission- The principal objective of our organization is to offer the market. Where our clients want to penetrate & cater mass audience.
Vision- We strive to become the most prominent bus advertisement company, which would help our clients to penetrate in whichever rural market they want in geographical boundaries of India.
Values- Ethical, Honesty, Endeavour, Dynamic & Team work.